The Rini Templeton Memorial Fund was established in 1987, following her death in June, 1986 in Mexico City, by members of her family and friends. Its main goal was to facilitate publication of a book of her work, which became the bilingual volume The Art of Rini Templeton: Where There is Life and Struggle/El Arte de Rini Templeton: Donde hay vida y lucha, published in the U.S. and Mexico City. The Memorial Fund has also coordinated with her colleagues in Mexico, who established the Rini Templeton Workshop at the School of Graphic Design of the Autonomous Metropolitan University of Mexico; distributed prints of her work; set up memorial events such as a 1997 exhibit at the DataCenter of examples of how her work had been used in the ten years since her death; and handled business matters such as requests for use of her prints by publishers.
The DataCenter is proud to sponsor the Riniart website making available the powerful graphics of artist activist Rini Templeton, who worked out of the Center in the late 70s and early 80s. Those whom Rini sought to serve through her art the DataCenter seeks to serve through its research. Established in 1977 as a nonprofit, the DataCenter has put the power of professional research in the hands of people working to change the world. Our mission is to provide social justice advocates with access to strategic information. Our partnership with grassroots organizations has fueled thousands of activists and helped launch community organizing and public interest campaigns locally, nationally, and internationally.
Ten12 is a Xicano collective of artists, techies, and activists utilizing socially conscious and advanced digital skills to produce materials for the Movement. Since 1995, Ten12 has created posters, fliers, websites & publications for actions including the Third World Liberation Strike ('98), DNC protests, Prop 21, Schools Not Jails & the Malcolm X Jazz Arts Festival. Ten12 developed this website to honor the work of Rini Templeton, a woman who embodies the vision and work of Ten12. Rini, you live in hearts and our art forever. Viva Rini!
TUMIS is the first bilingual, full-service copy, design firm in Oakland serving social justice movements, grassroots organizations, and non-profits. TUMIS designers have long-established roots in the Fruitvale and San Antonio neighborhoods. TUMIS develops powerful, database driven web sites, all of this of course, with excellent service and competitive prices. TUMIS is honored to support the work of Rini Templeton, a true inspiration to the artists and designers of the TUMIS team.
Rini Templeton was a frequent contributor to the publications of the North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA). She originally teamed up with the staff in the mid-1970s to work on NACLA's Mexico Project. She designed Beyond the Border, the book that culminated NACLA's work, and helped design a new format for the organization's magazine - still in use today. Her work gave visual beauty, artistic nuance and greater depth to NACLA's coverage of Latin America and the Caribbean. For the past 35 years, NACLA has introduced progressive activists and thinkers to one another, and has introduced their ideas, concerns and politics to a broader public. NACLA has worked to create and nurture a critical "foreign policy community" in the United States and an American "community of solidarity" that transcends national borders. The bimonthly magazine, NACLA Report on the Americas, is the most widely read English-language magazine on Latin America.